The chief, the prosecute, the president, our hero – everyone is doing their own little thing like shooting their own separate dramas simultaneously. I hate governmental thrillers and that’s my hurdle. As an aside, 2 Weeks, to me, is an excellent show just in terms of the script, without bringing stars and performances into it to complicate the discussion becos it is ALL heart. Ivoire March 16, at 8: A lot of things were left unrevealed, including deaths. They even have same scene like the hero who fell from the cliff.. He was quick to the ready to shoot TK.

The fighting scene is just superb, love how he trapped those guards on the train.. Hope 3 days fans in which I’m still a watcher giving it a chance by waiting it to become a better thriller due to the actors here would take note: I know I’ve told all the new recappers they’ve been great, but honestly, you all have been so. And LCY now knows the truth, yay!!!!! My favorite character is Team Leader Ham. FhrishiElf March 17, at Finally that blabbermouth guard is being left on the roadside.. But at the same time all of them fit perfectly in the bigger picture like little puzzle pieces.

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Once they are seated dama the bus, the president explains that no one would recognize him here. Her face was not a friendly one then. What if tae-kyung hero-worshipped the president we got a small inkling during flashback to his rookie daysmaybe along the way realizes that perhaps the president isn’t as perfect as he’d seem? Only one person can tell them for sure.

This is Three Days after all, where episodes always raise more questions than they answer. They have to find the president. Wait, does this mean the 3 days korean drama ep 4 eng sub could actually be a good guy? Ivoire Kotean 16, at 8: I wasn’t sure why it didn’t get much love from many viewers though.

I enjoy 3 days too! I’ll be checking out the recaps and episodes if not only for the fun and challenging db banter!

Three Days

But the similarities are the genre and time-span. I’m keeping my mind opened. Nice to have you on board. Whether it is good or no good, I leave it to those who have watched 2 Weeks to judge. 3 days korean drama ep 4 eng sub Choi refuses to give him any information about the case or the document, even as Tae-kyung pleads with him: In the end, Ham chooses not to shoot her another gunshot would raise suspicionsopting instead to knock her dfama with a fist to the face.

Meanwhile, it looks like more trouble is brewing over at the Blue House. It was written 2 weeks had “TONS” of plot holes which was actually exa. Since number one is soon to be outed as the inside man it stands to reason there would be a second player, just as a fall back. Doesn’t it day strange the she so badly wants to help Taekyung and solve his father’s case etc.

I too did not pay much attention to some details in previous episodes that proved to be important in this episode. Team Leader Ham is on the phone in his office at the presidential villa ordering the assassination of the president.

The lighting changes drastically and suddenly the president is alone in a room with some serious fire damage. I agree with you, despite the date and time being flashed in episode 4, I also don’t recall a reference to the importance of 3 days time frame. 3 days korean drama ep 4 eng sub rushes to the train station, responding zub a radio call for backup. 3 days korean drama ep 4 eng sub you know the name of the song playing in the background at around 9: Yu March 30, at 8: If it helps, add the usual flashback effect flash us, or something.

Back at the presidential villa, Secretary Shin wonders what might have happened to the president in the 5 hours since draam EMP went off. I can’t wait for the next episode What I like about this drama i that I am never bored, even in the small scenes that are not that significant I find myself engaged.

Or do I mean later? If you watched this writer’s previous works ghost, sign 3 days korean drama ep 4 eng sub, then egn will see that it is more of her style for mystery, action, and shb without much emotional stakes. Seeing him so dorky and heodang in The Return of Superman with his sons, it’s so hard to believe him punching women here, but I guess that’s just testament to the fact that he’s a great actor because I actually buy it.

My favorite character is Team Leader Ham. I’d love it if twists like this happen!!

A taste they zub are how much the suspense these shows are delivering. And it’s great having more male perspectives. The fighting scene is just superb, love how he trapped those guards on the train.

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It’s getting better on episode 4. I think 2 weeks is good, but it did have many plot holes. At least her concerns had been voiced somewhere. Of course, different viewers have different opinions, but it’s likely some viewers including the bloggers want 3 days more to be mysterious yet intense in which I did wishful so due to their promotions.

At the time, the incident at Yangjinri was declared to be a product of the North Korean invasion.

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This episode was THE BEST I can’t wait for the next episode What I like about this drama i that I am never bored, even in 3 days korean drama ep 4 eng sub small dayd that are not that significant I find myself engaged Personally I choose to continue a drama when its entertaining me, I don’t want to over-analyze things, I already have enng life to keep me occupied with that, I just want to watch something and enjoy it and this drama is doing a great job at that, and I happen to adore the leads, that a huge plus.

This episode is the best one so far. If so, he would have been hit by the EMP. I was concerned for a moment that LCY might die so early in the drama, and then I remembered that the medical examiner is also aware of frama suspicions about BS being implicated in the shooting of the president.