Sir Richard pays Elizabeth a visit, to pay his respects after Douglas’ passing. To them the War is a matter of the dead past, bringing conflict with those who suffered its pain and deprivation. Retrieved 16 October Jack’s reluctance to change is clocked by Carolyn. Douglas researches the feasibility of euthanasia , despite Jack and Henry’s advice. Death Comes as an End Series 5: The Mona Lisa Smile Series 1:

Worlds Apart Series 1: Production on the fifth season began in February Privacy Policy Captioning Policy. Elizabeth confronts Sir Richard one final time, armed with the fruit knife she attacked him with and forces him out of their lives. New Beginning Series 1: All Good Things Series 4: Living in the Shadow Series 3: Leah is shocked when Larry gives her a condom as a house-warming present.

Regina informs Sir Richard that she is back in Inverness, as per their plan. Henry prepares to perform a double mastectomy on Sheila, a breast cancer patient. Carolyn reveals the truth about her rape to Anna. George loses the election to the Labor candidate.

Anna introduces her family to Ed, her publisher and announces she’s finished her second book, All That Glitters. In Memoriam Series 5: George episoode that Sir Richard has the ability to seize Ash Park if he so desires. The world of wealth and privilege is being eroded, moral values are fraying and a new young generation is rising, full of disaffection with the world of their elders.

L’chaim, to Life Series 3: Catch the Tiger Series 4: Prudence returns to Ash Park, having gained her driving licence. Regina’s warnings fall upon deaf ears, excepts Anna’s.

Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Elizabeth’s happiness in the city is soon replaced by shock when she learns that Douglas has named his supposedly deceased son Matthew in his will. Sins of the Father Series 3: Sarah threatens Regina’s life, before agreeing to go to Canberra with George.

List of A Place to Call Home episodes. Day of Atonement Series 1: What Your Heart Says Series 2: Home to Fall Series 4: Frank loses his paintings and his home after sadistic local football coach, Stan O’Rourke burns his house down. Jack’s chances of winning the election look certain until Sir Richard reveals Jack’s torture in the war to the voters, resulting in him hitting the bottle.

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George seeks guidance about converting to the Jewish faith. Anna ohme accepts her divorce from Gino by refusing to let their story influence her next book.

Elizabeth tl George to reconcile with James. Official website not in Wikidata. And the Blind Shall See Series 4: When You’re Smiling Series 4: After Valda, the nurse he was blackmailing comes forward to police, Sir Richard is arrested for Regina’s murder. Olivia and Matthew prepare to move overseas.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea Series 3: All That Lies Ahead Series 5: One month later, on Victory over Japan DayDouglas makes the decision to end his life and much to his chagrin, Elizabeth helps him. Anna and Henry get engaged to stop Sir Richard ruining his life.

Day of Atonement

Hme Prodigal Daughter Series 1: Views Read Edit View history. Season 5 production begins February “. Season five will time jump towhere four years have passed since we left Sarah and the Bligh family.