Pil-sook, for me, is more of a concept or a stereotype rather than a person. Speaking of duets, Sam-dong sings a song he wrote in the basement studio, and in walks Hye-mi, singing the other half. In front of you? I’m still firmly a sucker for Jin-gook which I expected and all, but still. Glee showcases the talent better. Your email address will not be published. I’m right there with you wondering that too!

Glee showcases the talent better. Cast – Dream High. As the students try to learn their craft and mature into successful music stars, they face challenges and heartaches. I want to buy a coat for everyone. Meta [Drama sequels] A second helping of dishy bromance by Guest Beanie. Life is not fair when one girl even if she is just a drama character has two incredibly hot guys after her.

They make so much money off the iTunes versions, which was the goal from the git-go. The bad daddy with the illegitimate child who is waaaaaaaaay too handsome to have gotten his genes from that aforementioned ugly, bug-eyed daddy.

Kim Pil Suk IU has a beautiful singing voice but is considered overweight by entertainment standards. I’m totally falling for the teacher though; whatta cutie.

Are there any fibers to be tested? What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: I mean seriously, just mix Sam-Dong, teacher, and Jin-Gook and there’s my ideal man lol.

They have a lot more time to rehearse, record and autotune the songs. Haha I did think of Glee too, but I honestly think that at the rate that Glee is going, and if Dream High keeps up its pace it’s going to be way better than Glee for me, because come on, who is anyone kidding, Glee hasn’t been good since the psrt of the first season.

Episode 9 by LollyPip.

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Algebraic January 18, at I hope she won’t loose her angst. Hye-mi asks what they need to do first. You’re not so sleazy in my eyes anymore!!! Also all the stares for each other Thanks for the recaps; they’re always fun to read: Oh-hyuk gets the debt collector to come and rent out the auditorium for the showcase posing as an agency rep, and then convinces his sister a reporter to come and be the press. Rina January 19, at 7: POGA January 18, at For the first time all week, I’m glad I don’t have dream high episode 6 part 5 eng sub roommate anymore omg.

It feels odd to say this but JYP has become a scene stealer.

Dream High eps 16 Final – Dailymotion Video

In episoce of you? Oh, I’m in trouble. I thought I was the only one who was like “look Taec ears are redder then angry baby”. Jin-man takes them through dance rehearsals, where Jin-gook gets paired with Hye-mi. What do I do? I love her toughness cause it makes her be strong and unique It bugs me so much!

She actually runs off, practically in the middle of his sentence, rdeam tear up her withdrawal papers. Damn it I have to bring back the squee for this week’s episodes I’ve been refreshing forever for this recap.

And yes, there are plenty of shy and insecure girls out there ebg Pil-sook but those girls are much more than just that. DH had me since episode 1. I really hope second lead syndrome doesn’t come in here However, now SD is catching up.

Bae Noo Ri Supporting Cast. Rovi January 20, at Kim Soo Hyun Main Dream high episode 6 part 5 eng sub.

Dream High Episode 6

Hye-mi gasps, and Jin-gook puts his hand to his stinging face, and then stands upright, steeling himself for a showdown with Dad. The boys are a bit too awesome though, I will admit. The actor who plays Jingook’s dad – he always plays that character.

Read full dream high episode 6 part 5 eng sub on Dramabeans. I so envy Hyemi! I have a general love of high school drama, though- as long as I don’t have to live through it again. I mean the sweet guy, that do everything to the girl and protect her everytime never get the girl.

Daniela January 18, at 9: That day when you sang your audition in that Sushi costume…I was taken with your voice. He oh-so-gallantly offers a hand to help her stand up, and she swoons in joy, epislde up zub down…. This is the best love triangle I’ve ever seen in dramas.