Son Goku is indeed the very first Super Saiyan to appear in the televised series in a humanoid appearance. Gohan first turned ssj2 while fighting Goku in the hyper bolic time chamber while training for an instant while exhausted from training for 20 hours then he transformed into it again when cell killed android Granted, GT is absolute garbage and isn’t canon, but the Golden Oozaru is and it’s actually considered the true Super Saiyan form. Can gohan become super saiyan 3 if he trained? During his fight with Cell Jrs: The next Super Saiyan seen was Future Trunks who appears in episode and easily utilizes the power to dispatch Frieza and King Cold. In fact he is the only person that can turn SSJ3 in dragon ball z.

He then crushes Krillin to bits which was too unbearable for Goku to handle. After going through the initial shock of Gohan’s transformation, Cell calms down and decides that this would make a good game fighting him. He was rumored to be little more than a myth of a tailed Saiyan who achieved this legendary status. Some say that that he can’t go Super Saiyan 3 because he is only half-saiyan human mother, saiyan father , however this is never explicitly mentioned in the series. After avoiding Cell’s attempt to reclaim the beans, Gohan suddenly appears next to a Cell Jr. Can gohan reach super saiyan 4?

Is it possible for gohan to reach super saiyan 4?

In which episode does vegeta turn super saiyan 4? Krillin is one of Goku’s best friends and to have to see this unleashes a transformation in Goku. He’s finally learned how to tap into his power at will.

I’m looking for the first Super Saiyan that has been gohan becomes a super saiyan for the first time episode in the TV series. You would to have the lights emitted of course, the tail, AND full saiyan blood. What episode is it when gohan becomes a super saiyan for the first time episode first turns super saiyan? What episode does trunks turn super saiyan for the first time?

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. He goes super saiyan 2 during the cell saga after Goku dies and he gets mad and cell and his anger was enough to make him transform into SSJ2 but was very cocky in his SSJ2 form. Kai is simply a shorter repeat of the original DBZ. His highest transformation is SSJ2 because he never wanted to surpass Goku plus he just chose not to after he turned into a teen. Can gohan ever reach super saiyan 3? Why doesnt mystic gohan go super saiyan? By the end of the episode, Broly’s father tries to escape in a space pod, but his son reaches the pod and kills his father by crushing it.

Goku uses his Super Saiyan power to defeat Cooler, Frieza’s older and stronger brother, thus finishing off the family.

No Bardock will not turn super saiyan because he does not have a high enough energy level. After the dust settles, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan approaches Cell.

S super saiyan 2 is the timme super saiyan gohan can do but in dragon ball AF gohan goes super saiyan 4 and goku goes super saiyan 50 that is all i can tell you. I don’t really understand what you mean but Goku has more kids than Gohan Goku has 2 and Gohan only has 1 and both Goku’s kids can super saiyan.

Well before frieza, goku originally went super saiyan fighting lord slug. What episode does gohan go super saiyan 2?

In fact he is the only person that can turn SSJ3 in dragon ball z. Gohan gohan becomes a super saiyan for the first time episode a Cell Jr. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

By Darius Denzel Wesley Edited by http: What episode does goku go super saiyan for the first time?

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Which is why Goku and Vegeta have obtained it. It does not have to be a main character. I can’t seem to find the name anywhere!

Sign In Don’t have an account? Gohan turns super saiyan in episode gonan training with his father Goku in the hyperbolic time chamber. Gohan repels the Cell Jr. However, after declaring “No games”, Gohan takes back the Senzu Beans that Cell had stolen from Krillin gohan becomes a super saiyan for the first time episode in a speed fast enough to catch Cell off-guard.

He has never felt this way before causing him to transform into a legendary Super Saiyan right before Frieza’s becomees. Why did n’t gohan turn into a super saiyan while fighting buu? Gohan kicking another Cell Jr.

What episode is it when gohan first turns super saiyan

In that case, it seems like Goku is the first who showed himself as a SSJ to the audience. And since gohan is stronger than a super saiyan 3 in mystic Ultimate gohan mode, he may turn into a super saiyan 4 However due to the fact he is a half episose he may not transform Although this is not confirmed Once again, however he did turn into a great ape in the saiyan saga in Dragon ball z so with his major power as ultimate gohan, he should turn into a golden great ape and then to a super saiyan 4.

What episode does trunks goes super gohan becomes a super saiyan for the first time episode for the first time? Can gohan become super saiyan 3 if he trained?