Hayate the Combat Butler by Kenjiro Hata. As Hayate thinks about what he just heard, an image of Nagi crying flashes in his mind. The next day, Miki asks Izumi whether she recorded anything with her video camera. Realizing that Hayate was not at fault, which made Nagi feel guilty. Eventually, Hayate notices this and asks her if something is wrong. He then notices that the address book in the phone holds up to addresses, and he jokes that he would never actually use that many since he doesn’t have that many friends. Nagi wonders if all of this is simply in preparation for their future together. Dolly shows up with a captured Ruri and demands for the Black Camellia, but Nagi and Shin explain that her beloved “King” died 13 years ago in Shin’s body and Hayate is inside the clock now.

Hayate had promised Nagi in the past to go stargazing together at the beach, but when they go at sunset Nagi’s hat once again is blown away and Hayate goes through another time-slip back to the present. September 4, Tipster Rednimer. Hinagiku then stops them and the battle starts. While Isumi and her butlers went to exorcise the real evil spirits, Hayate came back to Nagi safely with her notebook, and wonders about a school being a nice place. The following day, Yukiji Katsura , has a bit of fun at Hayate’s expense in order to “loosen him up” before the real exam. If Hayate wins, Kirika must return Nagi back to him. As they leave, after defeating a monstrous thief, Ayumu decides she will do her best to lose weight.

When Izumi and Hinagiku mention that Hayate got stabbed the previous night, Nagi remembers something what Yukariko said hauate her “father”, and comes to a conclusion.

Sonia takes control of a plug-in giant size M. The both of them saw Maria with the lord from before, in which she was able to catch it. The next day, Ayumu is at Wataru’s video store, returning a video she had rented.

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Sign In Don’t have an account? As Hayate apologizes to Wataru, he wants to become a member of the video store, until Wataru finds out that he already is registered.

Nagi inquires the woman about why she wants the Black Camellia, haayate that it is a magical sword that grants eternity. Zeng Zi Yu Supporting Cast. Back in the present, Ayumu walks home with Hayate saying it’s unsafe during the night, leaving Hokuto confused.

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Not wanting to mention his incident with Mikado the previous day, he explains that a dream is the driving force behind one’s life. The next day, after Hayate has healed, he meets a young boy and his maid who have come to Nagi’s mansion. Fumi chose to be butlerr maid candidate confident in her skills. Yukiji introduces Hayate to his classmates as he settle in. There they find a strange tree in the desert and meet a woman who appears to be a demon.

Hayate the Combat Butler Episode 12

After a little bit, the flashback ends, and it is revealed to have been a dream Hayate was having. With no way to pay back the money, he thought about going to the dark side by getting into the kidnap and ransom business.

Zhang Hao Ming Supporting Cast. Isumi buter if he does not beat the owner of the highest place, Hinagiku, hayate the combat butler episode 12 part 1 a match before midnight tonight, he will have the desire to cross-dress for the rest of his life. Nagi calls Maria on her cellphone due to her clumsiness with making tea, and Maria goes back to the mansion forgot to ask Hayate to where he’s staying.

Since Maria cannot see Linn and because Hayate has no intention of letting Linn take over his body, Isumi resolves to learn how to be like a maid herself.

Hayate also discovers that Nagi used to be in a Kendo club with Hinagiku but quit. The series was licensed in North America by Bandai Entertainment in[7] but in Februarythe company stopped releasing titles beyond February 7, and in April of the same year, the rights to the series were dropped, making the episkde out of print. After sleeping late again Athena Alice takes in some sunlight for refreshments. Bored, unable and unwilling to fall asleep even when Maria is back, Nagi asks Hayate to get her some Packy and attaches a hidden hayate the combat butler episode 12 part 1 to his tie for entertainment.

Then Eight appear and defends Shiori. Hayate attempts to study the rest of the day for the exam the next day, however Maria warns that he should not stress himself too much.

Hayate was baking cookies for her, Maria asks him whether he remembers the other characters’ birthday, but he answers all the questions correctly. Nagi asks her to clarify what she means, and Episove explains that he’s been acting as if he has just rediscovered life, and he’s been working furiously as a result.

This finally inspires Nagi to go to school together with Hayate admitting that morning days are interesting. Hayate the Combat Butler by Kenjiro Rhe. Hinagiku becomes preoccupied with why she has been thinking about Hayate so much lately, especially the romantic dream she had about him.

Athena Tennousu as Alice in child-form barely stays awake. Before and after the commercial break, there is a unique eyecatch each time.

Inside, Wataru gets angry, since she had run away, but Saki asks him to value the customer more. Athena reassures Hinagiku and says she should try giving Hayate a hint again. At the end, Kazuki says that they should do things like this again. David Lin Supporting Cast. However, he quickly admits that he’s lying, and that he can’t go on a date because there’s someone he can’t leave alone. Later she pays a visit to the Violet Mansion, just to find that Ruri is alone.

Nagi decides to take Hayate butller Maria on a trip in Shimoda to visit a mysterious meteorite that seems to enhance growth, along with other special powers. Nagi asks Hayate to do something buler makes her sleepy, upon which Hayate tells a strange and nonsensical version of Alice in Wonderland.

Chiharu and Kayura recommend Ruri to buy some games for her to play with Nagi just to hayate the combat butler episode 12 part 1 later that she had already bought and played them. They meet Kyonosuke with a new car saying Yukiji will pay him back for it, as he isn’t aware that she has been robbed.

His irresponsible parents have hayate the combat butler episode 12 part 1 such a large gambling debt that Xiao Sa has had to hold two jobs while attending school to help the family survive. Hayate tells her that he likes girls that are normal and makes a passing remark that Nagi “wouldn’t understand”.

Hayate ask Nagi to come outside, but she denied him instantly, though she gives in to Hayate after he sulks. The tiger, Tama, nabs Hayate and carries him outside to fight.