The baby left on the girls’ doorstep turns out to belong to Joy’s son, Owen, and is the product of a one-night stand he had. Meanwhile, Elka displays her artistic side by altering a church fresco; and Melanie is fed up with Victoria’s obsession with her boyfriend and costar, Emmet. Game on, Charles 5. Say Yes to the Mess Episode Season 4, Episode 14 June 26, Meanwhile, Joy and Elka compete to make the best short film for a college class. Ready Player One 6. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

Joy is invited by Victoria to be an extra for a scene in the Woody Allen movie. Victoria’s wedding day has arrived, but she finds the new warden in Emmett’s correctional facility will only allow a prison cell ceremony with an official and three guests and no press. Elka and Mamie write jokes for a roast at the senior center; Victoria tests a new product for the Mrs. Three Queens, Two Tigers 6. Season 4, Episode 7 January 9, But when a ex-spelling bee contestant, Tommy Danny Pudi , goes to pick up his grandfather’s medication and reveals that he used to sell pills illegally before the women moved in on his business, he proposes to buy their stockpile or he will burn their house down. Retrieved December 30,

Retrieved March 23, Kitchen Nightmare Episode Meanwhile, Victoria tries to suss out a costar’s intentions; and Melanie stumbles into a slippery situation. On the night of their departure, Emmett plans to propose to Victoria. Season 4, Episode 10 January 30, After the ladies’ dog Brutus eats Xeason keys, the girls all visit the local animal clinic.

Hot in Cleveland

Meanwhile, Victoria hires wedding planner Jeff Michael Urie to set up a dream wedding inside Emmett’s correctional facility, and Elka auditions for a play. Emmett shows the girls minus Victoria an engagement ring with an enormous diamond, and announces that clevelanc plans to propose to Victoria. Laura San Giacomo 5. A Quiet Place 3. Season 4, Episode 6 January 2, Wilbur’s christening brings Joy’s new family members together for the first time, but Owen is encouraged to pretend to be someone else.

When both begin to slip on the lie, a huge argument breaks out during the christening, hot in cleveland season 4 episode 23 guest stars Philippa reveals that the man who got Joy pregnant was planning to propose but that she made him leave instead, believing he wasn’t right for Joy. Season 4, Episode 21 August 28, Joy goes back to college, but feels she doesn’t fit in. Hot in Cleveland was renewed for a episode fourth season on January 12, Victoria decides the best thing for her mother is an assisted living facility back in Cleveland, but Penny has already revealed to Elka that she only pretended to hot in cleveland season 4 episode 23 guest stars crazy so that Victoria would visit.

Meanwhile, Wilbur utters his first few words while in clleveland presence of Elka and Mamie, and they aren’t words that Joy will be happy to hear.

Full Cast & Crew

Retrieved February 8, Bad Girlfriends Episode The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Season 4, Episode 3 December 12, Reverend Lare Alan Ruck mediates Joy’s disjointed family, including Owen and her mother, Philipa Juliet Millswho are brought together for the first time at Wilbur’s christening. Melanie becomes jealous when Dane plays Victoria’s love interest on stage; Joy persuades Bob to watch the film “Love Actually”; Elka is a guest on a political talk show.

Season 4, Episode 8 January 16, The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Things soon get complicated when Melanie finds out that her new boss, Alec, who she ends up falling in love with, is Chloe’s ex-husband, and Melanie finds herself trying to control her feelings for Alec as Chloe is still in love with and wants to get back together with him even though he is dating someone else and is preparing to go on vacation with his new girlfriend.

Victoria and Emmett have their “honeymoon” in a conjugal trailer at the prison, where Emmett reveals that more charges have been brought against him and that he may be incarcerated up to 10 more years. In a recurrence of the girls finding dates for each other for their annual birthday celebration, Victoria meets a famous independent film director Jesse Tyler Ferguson hot in cleveland season 4 episode 23 guest stars a strange physical trait, Joy is set up with one hot in cleveland season 4 episode 23 guest stars her college professors George Hamilton who is more interested in Elka, while Melanie “hits the jackpot” by dating a plastic surgeon Edward Kerr.

Game on, Hot in cleveland season 4 episode 23 guest stars 5. Say Yes to the Mess Episode Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved December 7, One Wedding and One Funeral Episode The episode picks up where the previous one left off, where it is revealed that Elka and Mamie Sue are running an illegal pharmacy to provide lower-cost medicines for the elderly.

After Victoria realizes she needs Emmett, she decides to stay with him. Add to Watchlist Added. Season 4, Episode 7 January 9, However, she struggles to cope with the fact that Emmett is in jail and does not know how long he will be there.

oht Victoria’s elation over her new movie role is tempered when the director wants her to gain weight for the role. Realizing that he is right and fearing she will do this to Emmett, Victoria decides to break off her engagement to him, but Melanie and Joy stop her from doing so, noting that she is already open and happy with him.

“Hot in Cleveland” Love Is All Around (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Retrieved January 19, Victoria, trying to get over Emmett’s arrest, is asked to be a spokesperson for kidney donation registry. Joy is smitten by a handsome firefighter named Sean Eddie Cibrian who sfars just rescued four puppies from a burning building.

The girls all attend a spa retreat for mediation and a little weight loss, but the yogi Ed Begley, Jr. Victoria contacts her ex-husbands to assess their relationships when she’s stuck in the hospital on the day of her bachelorette party.

Joy reconnects with firefighter Sean while on the job for Bob, her private investigator boss. TV by the Numbers.