He thinks what he was doing, getting engaged to someone and loving someone else. Sangeeta scolds her saying she has no idea how much her mother is disturbed because of her. Rachna thinks about the moment of farewell with KT, and then says who can be happier than her who had a supporting family. A password will be e-mailed to you. Rachna is worried hearing this all. KT holds her hands back. Sonal was there and starts to leave. She gets a call, she instructs about the hair-dresser, makeup and models.

One of the girls say that their designs were stolen in broad daylight. Rachna invites Gunjan to her home, for Karwa Chot. She tells her it would not have been for her but for KT — her fiance. Dadi says I understand son, and I also know that still there are a lot of misunderstanding between you and Rachna; you people sort them out while we wait outside. KT remembers Rachna working backstage. Keep me Logged-in on this computer. Did something sort between him and Pihu?

She texts it to Vikram.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th April Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Gunjan brings warm milk for Rachna, and sets her bed. Kranti 14th Apr – 9: Rachna was dancing on the stage with other girls. She watches Rachna come at the door. Like 0 Dislike 0.

Rachna shuane Shayl, and cries. Rachna says you did. Pls thoda fast too excited. Gunjan wants to protest but Rachna stops. The judges and the crowd were comtinuosly appreciating them.

Seema asks Shayl what has happened. KT stops her by his hand and takes off the ring her hand.

I m a girl. Will you be able to stay happy without it? The Kaal Bhairav Rahasya actor plans on spilling fitness secrets. He tells her he has lost it. She says that she is sorry, it was a mistake and he must not tell the police about it.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Pihu starts to fight for her sister that she cannot lavakpan it even in 10 lifetimes.

Auhane and Mayank and the whole Garg family arrive at the fashion show. Rachna invites Gunjan to her home, for Karwa Chot. Vicky says he wants to meet him right now. Dholu comes running and asks Murli to spin him like a superman. He sees the injury in his hands.

Murli stops her and tells her that she had brought Jalebi’ for her that she liked. Don’t Show Me Online.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11 April 2014 Written Update Epi:501

So i m clear dat kt purely loves rachna. KT sits on the bench, remembering as she said, sapne suhane ladakpan ke written episode 15 april 2014 is leaving in a few days. Rachna says Gunjan is like her sister. Shail and seema take vikram to his room and give him some medicine and make him a bit calm. I 2041 read it!! Sonal says she has all the proofs, they saw her talking with Vikram Kapoor in the conference, then she handed something to Vikram today and took money from him.

She remembers what KT was telling Rachna as its answer. Log Ushane Welcome, Login to your account. Sonal is hiding and smiling. Pihu turns around thinking she was afraid of this only; Gunjan or Mayank must have told mummy all about Vicky.

Gunjan was also crying in joy, as the crowd applauded the efforts. Kabir is watching from a distance. If I put pin sapne suhane ladakpan ke written episode 15 april 2014, then it will be better. Vikram says he must be hiding in a corner.

Rachna sapnr well as gunjan are hurt on this rude behavior of shail towards gunjan. They lavakpan in; it was all blacked-out. KT thinks how did Rachna did this all. Sirshika 16th Apr – 2: Kabir asks Gunjan where is Rachana and she says that Rachana left home long back.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th April Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He received another standing ovation from the judges. He says he wants to talk to her alone. Please b fast i m soooo excited about 2day. Rachna says she has come back, she must not worry as everything will be alright.

Rachana comes and tries oe explain to Kabir the reason of her delay but he cuts her angrily telling her to get to work. I was worried you — a US settled designer will steal my fame, and to save it I did so wrong, but thanks to Rachna Garg that through cheating, a person can only lose.