Realization of his nightmare relieves him, as he gently sets Clementine down on the couch, as she had fallen asleep against him. Proud of her, Lee assures Clementine that one day, she would be able to shoot walkers too if needed. If Lee had previously volunteered to shoot Duck, the gunshot is followed by Kenny’s cry of anguish, startling him from his thoughts. Looking inside of it, he encounters a concealed paper bag filled with a stash of opiates. Clementine has joined forces with a brand new character named Javier, who shares similar goals and common enemies with Clem. Lee coldly gives his own version on what had happened, irking Christa with his lack of a real response. He turns around to see an unkempt man in the boxcar with him. Now, running low on the supplies they ravaged from the station wagon, can the group find another way to survive?

If Kenny had previously gone with Katjaa into the woods, then Lee rushes through the forest and stumbles upon a small clearing where Kenny is kneeling over his wife’s dead body while Duck- still breathing- sits against a tree with his eyes closed. The two of them enter Lilly’s room, Kenny remarking that Ben being on watch is death sentence for all of them as Lee exchanges his rifle for a handgun. Clementine will be safe. Chuck accepts Kenny’s offer to go with them, and gets into the boxcar with Ben. Her screams buy them more time to get more supplies. If Carley was saved in “A New Day”, then Lilly will simply raise her weapon on Carley and pull the trigger before she could even turn to face her, Lilly only staring coldly at her corpse.

Children wouldn’t even mess with it, At the station, Lee infers that it had been abandoned for a long time due to the plea painted in white on top of the building. Apologetic, Ben returns to his silence and offers no further comment without Lee asking for one. Lilly bitterly retorts that she did not want to get into an RV for an extended time with her father’s murderers.

The two decide to look near the Marsh Housewhere she last knew her parents were staying. Depending on his relationship telltale walking dead season 1 episode 3 walkthrough Kenny, Kenny will either rush back to help Lee lift the door and fight off the walkers or hesitate and consider leaving with the walkihg.

After killing the three bandits there will be the next cutscene. Lee recognizes the horror in her walkthrougu, and- at her quick cry- barely turns around with before he is set upon by two walkers.

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Kenny asks Lee if there was anything else keeping them from leaving. He notices a drawing Clementine drew. Lee returns to the sexson car and scribbles on the notepad to find its indentations. Handle It – Speaking with Clementine Chapter 6: Determinant If Katjaa had gone into the woods by herself before, Kenny walks in a daze toward where he had last seen his wife go as Lee slowly trails behind him until they stumble upon a small clearing a discover that Katjaa had shot herself telltale walking dead season 1 episode 3 walkthrough than Duck.

Kenny attempts to punch Lee, which Lee has only a moment to block. He then discovers a pink, chalk-marked “X” on the wall facing away from the parking lot, to which Duck postulates that the pink marking could have been a sign.

Go to the “Summary” section below. She asks Lee if walikng could search for walkthroughh on the train to drink for her son, but Kenny identifies the train as a freight train rather than a commercial train. Looking inside of it, he encounters a concealed paper bag filled with a stash of opiates. Lee softly begs for Lilly to tell him why she had just killed one of their own, then can decide what he feels is best to do with regards to Lilly.

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You will be hidden behind the RV and your task will be to lean out telltale walking dead season 1 episode 3 walkthrough the right direction and shoot the bandits.

After the conversation you can look at Lilly and talk to Clementine. Lee notices that Duck was entirely unconscious despite the loud argument and gunshot from before, and he asks if the boy was okay. See the following tables. The whole group dismounts from the walkint, Kenny loudly announcing his displeasure with a series of curses. After the dialogue, respond what you want to the next question – it does not matter.

Determinant When Kenny seaon to offer his opinion once again, Lilly either orders Ben to place the blame on Carley or confess to his crimes. Lee may or may not kick the lit blowtorch onto the spilling gas, depending on the player’s choice making a small barrier of fire to buy time. Hit the Road Chapter 4: Lee can choose to attempt to reason with the masked bandit or threaten them, but regardless of what he does so long as he does not simply remain silentLilly shoots the masked bandit in the head, killing him instantly.

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A special 3-episode series focused on a epidode, recognizable character from The Walking Dead universethe Michonne Miniseries focuses on a section from the comic books where Michonne leaves Rick and the group to venture off on her own. Ben, wallkthrough over the fresh corpse of his former friend, asks what they would do with Lilly. Kenny argues that Macon is not a salvageable place anymore; that he and Lee had been placing themselves in danger repeatedly to bring seasln what meager supplies they could find, and the people that were left in Macon were “dying and wandering out onto the streets”.

In Your Charge Chapter 4: Dismayed at what he was forced to do, Lee raises the telltale walking dead season 1 episode 3 walkthrough on Duck and quickly pulls the trigger, preventing the boy from reanimating, much to the grief of Kenny. Lee pulls Christa up instead, the woman scorning him as she panics over Omid’s safety. The Gauntlet Chapter 6: Lee is forced to use his spanner to drad the door open so telltale walking dead season 1 episode 3 walkthrough could see with sunlight, Determinant though Lee wishes he could keep it in case of danger.

Kenny realizes that the boxcar was still attached to the derailed caboose, and sends Lee back there to uncouple the pilot pin.

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Kenny simply tells her to keep Duck away from the windows and orders Lee and Ben inside 33 they could leave her behind. He stands up when Kenny quietly announces that there was an obstacle in their way; a derailed train. You have to kill four. Once you’ve killed them, Ben and Carley will run into the RV.

Lee scours the area for a suitable way to climb the up the trailer to meet Kenny, eventually coming across a stationary military jeep with a metallic winch. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Kenny tells Lee that his son had asked him about Shawn Greene and if he had telltale walking dead season 1 episode 3 walkthrough it, despite Kenny’s beliefs that Duck really knew that Shawn walkthrougn dead.

Kenny insists that the plan does not change because of Duck’s condition, finding strength in the hope that perhaps somebody in Savannah had already found a cure.

Ben suggests leaving the train behind and walking, but Kenny immediately shoots the idea down.