You don’t need to Ask Hadley to know that’s wrong. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Television Drama TV crime drama Episode recaps blogposts. We will have to wait until the next episode to find out. His death would have actually felt poetic and fitting. Saga and Martin All the above plot twists are wonderful fun but, for me, the main reason for watching The Bridge is for the drama of a detective who has Asperger’s living and working in a world where people overwhelmingly don’t have Asperger’s.

But watching Marco, a character we hardly knew at that point, both ruin his own marriage via a random adulterous moment and then have his life ruined by a horror movie-style psycho made for a jumbled, unsatisfying show. Don’t get me wrong. And then sitting with him to make sure he stayed that way. I still suspect his bees are killer bees, poised for deployment. Or was the presumption that Niklas stole the gear, as they say in France, un hareng rouge? The Bridge series 4 episode 3 review Spoilers ahead in our review of the latest The Bridge series 4 episode This review contains spoilers. While not everyone seemed thrilled by their arrival, Christoffer seemed to perk up after continuing to hang out with a girl his own age, albeit one who was so lonely she had created a cast of alter egos to keep herself amused.

And, as Henrik counters: Robles is still at large too.

The dead woman’s ringing phone There’s a mobile phone ringing inside a body bag. So, the hunt for Red October turned out to be a rather brief one.

She lacks, you’d have thought, the necessary empathy. A nocturnal skirmish led to an unsettling reminder that in its final season, The Bridge is ad hardball. There’s a mobile phone ringing inside a body bag.

The Bridge recap: season four, episode three – red herrings and a bombshell

Was it just me or were these episodes heavy thw sex? I still miss Martin, but this new partner is turning out to be an abundant source of interesting story lines!

And, two, did she do them eepisode again? You’d have thought that Saga would be the worst person to conduct an interview with Linus, the boy who has lost his parents and now lost the only person who looks after him, his teh eco-terrorist brother Niklas.

This is an important question because one of the slain, Niklas, was a lab assistant at the pharmaceutical company that held stocks of pneumonic plague. Morten Anker is dead.

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Congratulations, coulrophobes; you were right, all along. Saga is in prison, while Henrik has to deal with the grisly ritualistic killing of the head of the Danish immigration board, as the fourth and final series gets underway. Luckily Seasson and her leather trousers are on hand. TV review The Tunnel: Is that going to prove significant? Lillian Sarah Boberg patiently explains elisode hotdesking is supposed to foster creativity; Saga tersely responds that diligence is more productive.

The moment when he refused to give her drugs which he assumed, in her wounded state, would kill her and then encouraged her to overcome this ordeal, and not become like her father, was unexpectedly powerful. Modern tribes Modern tribes: Foot soldiers would fall, but not the bridve much the generals the bridge season 2 episode 3 and 4 review commanded them.

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Are Swedish canaries proverbially bad at keeping shtum, you ask? More on this next week, we hope. He looked stone dead in the back of that truck. How in the hell did he survive? A call from her mum alerts her to the fact the affair is front page news — pics and all.

If you aren’t sure because you don’t know how much kroners are worth, then let me say this: Lillian authorises an operation that will trick Shirazi into thinking he has escaped custody. So Linder not only surviving, but then walking out of the hospital to meet her at the end felt like it was plucked out of a different show.

Teen pickpockets Julia and Ida are the bridge season 2 episode 3 and 4 review into custody, but fail to shed any light on the owner thw the phone that made the last call to Margrethe Thormod. What did that leave him with?

Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episodes three and four of the second season — and if you’ve seen further ahead, please do not post spoilers. Plus, for a while the focus was on Matthew Lillard and Emily Rios’ reporter characters and that really helped amp up aeason over-arching government conspiracy angle.

Who, by the way, is Caroline Brandstrup-Julin and what is she doing in this story? Which just goes to show what happens if you have dodgy moustaches and two table lamps in Scandinavia these days. Did this feel like massive professional overreach to anyone else? With the brilliant Scandi noir The Bridge about to leave us, a true-crime inquiry showed how elusive satisfying endings are.