Imagine a drug that makes your brain function in a fantastically efficient way, tapping in to your fundamental resources of intelligence and drive. Imagine a drug. Bordering on techno-thriller territory, this slick, suspenseful debut imagines a new breed of “smart drug” that produces some deadly side effects. Alan Glynn Paradime_Rough My first novel, The Dark Fields, was published in by Little Brown UK and Bloomsbury USA, and was later filmed as Limitless .

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I decided to read the novel because I enjoyed the vields so much. Return to Book Page. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The story is told from the point of view of Eddie Spinola, your average heading towards mid-life crisis type of guy, who is suddenly given the chance to turn his life around with a mystery the dark fields alan glynn provided by his ex brother in law.

May 14, Nasrin Saberi Shakib rated it really liked it. This book is blowing me away.

The Dark Fields

Even a drk fraud like Spinola can run with the creme de la creme, who, in The Dark Fields, are scarily enough the global moneymen: But of course there’s a downside to everything, but the book’s premise is great because it’s just realistic and plausible enough that The dark fields alan glynn found myself continually putting myself in Eddie’s shoes and trying to think up a way that I would be able to fix the problems he wasn’t able to if I had Th.

The final part of the story, where Eddie is back on a more controlled dosage of the drug, follows a more familiar the dark fields alan glynn as he tries to track down the truth about the drug, and is threatened by people who want in on his secrets. It was difficult to cheer for him as a character because I had trouble connecting to his ever changing, rootless personality.

The Intrusions Stav Sherez. What if there was perfection in a pill?

Facing imminent death from withdrawal, Edward comes to terms with his own actions and travels to Mahopac, New Yorkwhere he seeks redemption by leaving a bag full of cash at his ex-wife’s doorstep. The Dark Fields 3.

I’m always saddened when this happens. If the movie the dark fields alan glynn half as good as this I’ll be surprised! However, feilds indiscriminate use of the drug leads to panic attacks and blackouts.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Using his newly acquired intellect, Edward amasses a small fortune short selling technology stocks. To conclude, the lead in with the conclusion of the novel is interesting.

It went down some tangents where bulk information unrelated to the plot was relayed and I was inclined to skip or skim. With his drug supply limited by the murder of his brother in law, he decides to stop using the drug and immediately hits some serious withdrawal issues.

I agree wholeheartedly with the reviewer who praised Alan Glynn for the research he did on the various subjects touched on in the book. The dialogue and scene setting was good, and I sympathised teh Eddie throughout. And though Eddie’s demise the dark fields alan glynn foreshadowed from the opening paragraph, his likability as a protagonist serves the swift and thrilling narrative well.

But when he’s implicated in the brutal murder gglynn a high-profile artist’s wife and also linked to pharmaceutical espionage, his perfect new world unravels and the shocking the dark fields alan glynn about MDT’s origin and purpose is revealed.

What if this miracle drug the dark fields alan glynn as MDT could actually cause Spinola to brim with such ambition and charisma that within weeks he will the dark fields alan glynn turn into a brilliant day trader and a gentleman seer capable of orchestrating corporate mergers like an idiot savant in wingtips? Without spoiling it, the book has an abrupt ending that I found annoying. I really hope the movie is better glyhn the book, for once.

Please try again later. The central thesis is not new in the strictest sense, but it is freshly delivered in a taut and quick-paced thriller. I had actually seen Limitless before I read the book and as I’d loved the film wasn’t sure at all how the book would hold up. Everything was so simple to read, but was put in a context where it was kept interesting.

I picked this book up on a whim as I had seen the film a while ago and hadn’t realised that it was actually based on a book. A drug that the dark fields alan glynn you focused, charming, fast, even attractive.

Armed with darj knowledge, Edward resumes taking MDT and is filled with a renewed surge of energy and motivation. Paperbackpages. Remember, this is the original story. Unfortunately, the drug has its downsides as well, as on You will possibly know this as the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless flelds you go searching for the book, look it up under the movie’s title – I don’t think it’s published under the original title any longer.

I look forward to reading Winterland, even though I haven’t the dark fields alan glynn looked to see what it’s about yet. It’s called MDT, and it’s Viagra for the brain-a designer drug that’s red Imagine a drug that makes your brain function with perfect efficiency, tapping into your most fundamental resources of intelligence and drive, releasing all the passive knowledge you’d ever accumulated. I would definently recommend this book to anyone who is interested in suspenseful reads.

I loved the characters, and its was wonderful seeing in my mind Bradley The dark fields alan glynn as Eddie Spinola. In the end the movie is much more enjoyable.


I’ve deliberately not answered the central question of the book — what would I do? It is also an astonishing debut Douglas Kennedy This is fast, clever- and horrifying, in a cheerful sort of way. The Rooster Bar John Grisham.

The head of the the dark fields alan glynn company that makes MDT is the brother of the Secretary of Defense, and all of the top brass in Washington are turned on as well: I gave the book a chance, but I don’t understand how it has almost a four star rating on Goodreads.

But The The dark fields alan glynn Fields tries really hard to be something special: It shouldn’t have bothered me as much as it did, but it is hard to imagine New Yorkers saying they will “phone” someone instead of calling them, pulling their car up to the “kerb”, and reading dialogue that clearly wasn’t American.

The Dark Fields – Wikipedia

The change in him would seem very realistic or cliche if scenarios like this existed today. This makes you usually rich and powerful and thin.

He barely even touches on the many interesting psychological, mental and philosophical matters that are brought up by the use of this drug. He then receives an anonymous phone call on his land-line informing him that he had been under surveillance all along, and an unwitting guinea pig in a the dark fields alan glynn clinical drug trial.

Eddie’s not the only one doing MDT, but with his dealer shot dead and Eddie escaping with a large stash, he’s the only one with a supply.

It’s intriguing, and the ending is different.