The man in the car then tells the other man to come closer. TV by the Numbers. This review contains spoilers. Meanwhile, Elijah revives and removes the stake from his own heart. Sign In Don’t have an account? Elena is terrified of him and tries to negotiate with him by telling him that she knows where the moonstone is.

However, Elijah removes her vervain necklace and compels her to tell him where it is. Unless, of course, we end up in an alternative reality where Damon somehow gets the girl. He then places an unconscious Elena in the back of the car. Most importantly, we found out about the Original Vampires. Thankfully, the spell worked and Elena gets the message. You may be looking for Rose , the character. The moonstone is what binds the curse. She cuts Jeremy’s hand and puts his blood on a map, and is able to do a spell that makes a trail on the map with his blood that points to Elena’s location.

Stefan then tells him that he’s been drinking hers, in small doses, to build up his tolerance. The Vampire Diaries “Rose ” “. This unleashes a whole mess of trouble. Then the black car is seen driving into an old mansion. Have a rest Consumer game Request review Is your opinion valuable? While Rose talks to Elena, Trevor is not sure if it is a good idea eepisode they called Elijah to come and when he arrives, Trevor freaks out, something that makes Elena realize that they are afraid of him.

They hope that by offering her to Elijah, he will stop coming after them and they can live in peace. Vampire diaries season 2 episode 8 rose full episode started when Trevor betrayed him over an incident that happened years and years ago having to do with Katharine.

In the meantime, Stefan and Damon have arrived and they enter the house to save Elena.

The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 8 review: Rose

Elena is told by her captors that she is vampire diaries season 2 episode 8 rose full episode Petrova doppleganger and that if she vamoire killed, the sun and the moon curse will be broken. Elijah arrives and Rose takes him to see Elena. Murdoch locks Karl in the cage, but he doesn’t care because he has no remorse By using this site, fkll agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Stefan wants to talk to Katherine but Damon says they’ll find another way to find Elena because Katherine will negotiate her freedom and that is something they do not want. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. They have been running from one of the original vampires, Elijah, for hundreds of years.

He can’t know about us. Stefan apologizes to Damon for forcing him to turn years ago. It’s another show about vampires, however there are a lot of vampire shows out right now. Drew gets help just in time, but things don’t look to good for Dillon.

Jeremy manages to recover her and she asks him not to tell anyone about what happened. She asks him what he wants from her but he does not answer when Rose Lauren Cohan appears and is shocked on how much Elena looks alike Katherine.

Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 8 Rose – Video Dailymotion

This djaries is about Rose, an seaso in season two. The mysterious Elijah shows up for Elena, right as the boys arrive at the house. Your opinion is valuable. Tyler asks Caroline how she knew about himbut she covers it up by saying, “How I knew you were upset?

The man in the car then tells the other man to come closer. Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan asks Bonnie to undo the tomb spell so Katherine can get out but Bonnie doesn’t want to do it.

He then walks up to his locker and dials his vampire diaries season 2 episode 8 rose full episode, but accidentally pulls the lock right off of his locker. Speaking of, I for quite a bit of trouble ahead for the Salvatore brothers as well as everyone else in Mystic Falls. Eventually, Caroline reveals herself as a vampire and she tells him that he must not tell anyone. I want Damon to be with Elena but I know that she is in love with Stefan and he is in love with her agree?

Jeremy and Bonnie are at the Gilbert diariws waiting for news and Bonnie tries a new spell. Elena tries to make a deal with him, using the moonstone’s location as a bargaining chip.

Damon then shows up and says he’s going with Stefan. Elena then wakes up and hears the woman and Trevor talking. As soon as she completes it, she collapses.

Now epusode we know, we can move on to the real baddies, the Originals. He leaves the room and Elena stays behind with the necklace, wondering what happened.

Tyler then angrily walks away and kicks a trashcan, which hits a car and sets off the alarm. The series is based on a book series much like the Twilight saga, only the books the Vampire Diaries were based on pre-dates the Twilight series by about ten years.

She is faster and stronger, managing to push him away by twisting his arm. When she laughs at this idea, he gets angry and she reveals herself to be a vampire. Just as he is about to leave with Elena, Stefan and Damon show vampire diaries season 2 episode 8 rose full episode.

Talk about an episode. The brothers try and take part in some road trip bonding, but their common link, Elena, gets in the way. Rose shares interesting information about Katherine with Elena. Buffy versus Dracula I finally got around to watching the 5th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer today; starting with the first episode, Buffy versus Dracula.

It originally aired on November 4, I also really liked finding out that Katherine was the Petrova Doppelganger.