It was a pretty cool moment, in both the moment itself and in retrospect. If his death meant others could live, if a deal could be struck, he was going to take it. I’m gonna discuss the comic book in this paragraph if you want to skip ahead: Daryl’s all in on double-crossing Rick and Michonne somewhere down the line? And after Gabe landed that miracle head shot on the walker attacking Carson, despite not being able to see well and closing his eyes at the last second to boot , there was no way the two of them were reaching the Hilltop. Of course, behind-the-scenes issues then became a drama onto itself.

I liked the idea of making humanity more dangerous than the undead, in most cases, since a lot of the zombie danger felt fairly tame, and the choice to have Travis and Chris’ relationship end the way it did, and the choice to have Chris exit the way he did, made for a solid and emotional finale. Though, even if you hadn’t read the comics, this season has been absolutely bluntly beating you over the head with a hefty tome about mercy and “a better way. We saw all the “heroes” prep for war, like we’ve seen so many times before. Instead, fans who’ve been trained for seven plus seasons to be realists and survivalists, got a hearty chuckle. Truthfully, he was probably playing a bit of mental checkers to find the best path in general since without Negan, who – yes – was able to rein in everyone’s worst instincts and behaviors, the Saviors would go on a warpath with no quarter given to anyone they battled. So, here and now, Daryl’s tempter’s messed up everything because of his impatience and his inability to see the larger implications of what he was doing.

It’s just a shame the so many other things seasoh to be left in limbo Enid killing the matriarch of Oceanside uh ohGabriel presumedly escaping with Maggie’s doctor, Morgan and Carol outside of the Kingdom while Ezekiel is held prisoner, etc.

All of this, this whole two-episode run, was just to get him to where Simon was to begin with. Who left all these lights on? I don’t know if this was Chris’ planned path all along of if the writers did some course correcting, but it worked.

No, that type of big moment is happening in the season finale and honestly, the fact that we kind of figured that back at the very start of the season has worked to hurt and hinder this run maybe more than anything else – the idea that nothing will sewson get resolved until Episode walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign If you were Rick and company, you’d do what you could to stay on that farm, if it seemed reasonably safe, iggn Walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign it feels like he wasn’t.

They’re going to bide their time and then show Rick and Michonne how wrong they were? We may have mostly understood why you did most of what you did – but you done did some pretty bad things. It was a really effective moment, as was the flaming fall of Walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign itself. Maybe some of it went down a bit too predictably, yes, as I’m pretty sure I called out last week that it’d be faulty bullets and the Oceanside women that would save Rick from Negan’s trap, and Rick’s decision to spare Negan was straight from the comics.

Plus, there was the whole bit from the season premiere, shown again halfway through the season, giving us a future glimpse at Rick wounded by the tree, whispering about “mercy. But the end result was the dysfunctional group getting a much-needed separation. Walkinf good can come from Henry. The Verdict The Walking Dead gave us a very sturdy, yet by-the-numbers, season finale that saw Rick’s group finally walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign over the Saviors thanks to a handful of characters we’ve been waiting and waiting to redeem themselves.

Yes, someone actually learned their lesson about acting impulsively as Rosita now recognizes that her off-book attempts to kill Negan wound up getting Sasha killed. Was it meant to drum up some sympathy for walkjng who, for seasons now, has been a somewhat sanctimonious pain in the butt whenever he was allowed to be anything at all? The show was compelling from the start, but had some creative hiccups along the way in Season 1.

Kgn of course, the season walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign had a maddening scene in which Lori expressed anger and disgust at Rick for killing Shanewhile a few episodes before she was telling him how dangerous and homicidal Shane was and pretty much saying, “Go kill that guy! Moments that feel big, that could lead somewhere, but just don’t.

In the end, no real decision was made. Now Negan’s done playing games. It’s not like he attacked his comrades and killed them to protect her. By the end, yes, I think it worked with regards to some walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign, but not all. A machete to the heady is long overdue for Mr. Enid better still be revisw enough about Carl to go into full murder mode. You can skip to the Verdict section if you want to avoid.

With Shane dead, I do worry the show has lost one of its most dependable forms of conflict and drama. How Georgie and her two dimwit cronies, Hilda epixode Midge, survived this long out in the zombie walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign we’ll never know, but she’s one revkew the “good ones.

At the outset of the season, he was a big problem. I don’t think the show’s biggest problem elisode with the episodf staying on the farm all season, I think it’s that the characters themselves were often so unlikable, unbelievable 112 barely defined. Do we care that he needs wine to sleep because he feels bad about being a nervous, shifty coward all the time? And so are we. Actually, the biggest surprise here, overall, was that it took that Savior chick ratting Dwight out for Negan to suspect anything.

She arrogantly presumes a lot of things, during initial interactions with strangers, and that makes it easy to imagine some horrible person getting instantly annoyed with her and shooting away. A machete to the heady is long overdue for Mr. Even in defeat, his subjects are still loyal. Too many locations looking too much alike and too many things split up and all happening at once Or were they?

He’s still drinking and vomiting and he’s still not snitching on Dwight though he mostly likely recorded their rooftop conversationso the show still seasln him to be a “gray area” characters, but qalking man – there are so many half-measures this season. This review contains full spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead: We’d leave some walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign our main characters in peril and then it’d be an episode or two before we’d discover their fate – all the while knowing that, for the most part, they’d be okay.

But it was touch and go there. Overall though, this was a suitably strong swan song for deadd character as important to the show as Shane — and I thought it was kind of cool to have it happen in the penultimate episode, not the season finale, walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign we might predict. The Saviors are in the business of keeping you alive until you die from your zombie bite?

And Henry is bound to do some really seasoon things.

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It feels like he’s the only one trying to make this happen and it’s an absolute bore. I mean, there was walking dead season 2 episode 12 review ign “handsome harmless Swason who’s conveniently handsome and harmless, in the pen trying to change her mind too, but I’m pretending he doesn’t really exist. Need someone to carry a bunch of The Verdict ” Worth, ” Season 8’s penultimate episode, wrapped up the current Savior game o’ thrones igh involving Simon’s attempt to take over as the lead Negan of the Negans, but it seemed like a lot and a lot of time spent with some uninteresting Saviors just to get Walkiing to a place where he could line up with Rick’s bloodlust.

At least, nothing after he accidentally got Dale killed way back in Season 2.

Plus, the stakes just went up for him after losing Eric. The Verdict ” The Key ” featured a knock-down, drag-out fight between Rick and Negan that paired nicely and rather fortunately for Rick with Simon’s current disapproval of Negan’s mercy tactics. She backed out because she thought it was a bad idea. And you were far edad always being right.