In Bob Kauflin, a pastor with Sovereign Grace Churches and Director of Sovereign Grace Music, wrote Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the . Worship Matters has ratings and reviews. A privilege to somehow be mentored by Bob Kauflin about worship through his book. I find what he has. 45 quotes from Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God: ‘Worship is God’s gift of grace to us before it’s our offering to God.

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This section in particular has a singular focus on how worship leaders should interact with the church, their team, and their pastor. Jul 04, Christopher M. This is a great book on worship! This book proved itself worship matters bob kauflin be inspiring and practical.

In fact, it’s a great book for any one who wants to worship God in spirit and truth.

Worship Matters Quotes

As a Christian, it helped me to see that worship is not just during the music service. Kauflin also offers here an excellent challenge on the importance of skill in worship.

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What do I enjoy the most? The following eleven chapters expand on the particulars of this definition.

Book Review: “Worship Matters” by Bob Kauflin | elliot kang

Overall Kauflin does a good job of handling these tensions. It all boils down to what is in the heart of a man. It matters worship matters bob kauflin us because worshipping God kahflin the reason for which we were created. Sep 30, Nathan Good rated it really liked it. He encourages right relationships first.

We get to display the matchless Savior who died in our place, conquering sin, death, worship matters bob kauflin hell in the process. The first two sections of the book The Leader and The Task are excellent but somewhat slow going at times due to the extremely theoretical nature to them although Bob mixes many personal stories and experiences into these sections.

Kauflin unpacks what a worship leader does, discusses healthy tensions in our theology and practice of worship, speaks specifically to the relational dynamics in which every worship leader is involved with the church, the team, the pastorand more.

Al Wolters argues that fundamental to a Christian worldview amtters that all of Kaufin creation is essentially good, that the Fall affects every aspect of God’s good creation, and that redemption will extend as far as the Fall. That’s an important distinction to make, and one which Bob Kauflin makes nob this valuable book: In each area, significant applications are made. I worship matters bob kauflin also give him credit for the way that he worship matters bob kauflin they handle things such as speaking in tongues and prophecies, they do it in a kauflih that is orderly and appropriate.

This section of the book was probably the most meaningful to me, as with great humility Kauflin framed healthy church leadership relationships in light of submission to the pastor, seeking to give encouragement, seeking biblical steps in matterss conflict, nipping personal pride, and seeking worship matters bob kauflin and reproof.

Some reviews of this book amount to little more than, ‘It was too long. Jun 28, Daniel Baltich rated it liked it. Preview — Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin.

TGC Course | Worship Matters

I couldn’t have been further from the truth! Such practice is scripturally regulated, and mentions of it are few. This generation worship matters bob kauflin worship leaders will take their responsibility with pious reverence in light of the significance of the task ahead, because…worship matters.

He calls on worship leaders and band members to avoid sensuality in both their dress and “vocal inflections” A faithful worship leader magnifies the greatness of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit by skilfully combining God’s Word with music, thereby motivating the gathered church to proclaim the gospel, to cherish God’s presence, worship matters bob kauflin to live for God’s glory. This book would benefit anyone involved in worship, Some reviews of this book amount to little more than, ‘It was too long.

He splits mountains and clothes the lilies. But let’s not allow them to dictate our direction, methods, and values either. It is the middle point that Kauflin is not reckoning with.

I wish Bon would have read this book a few years ago.

I am not a worship leader. So God’s glory bb the end of our worship, and not simply a means to something else. Apart from this perspective, leading worship can become mahters and self-exalting. Kauflin demonstrates an immense amount of practical experience, musical expertise, careful theological application, Spirit given wisdom, and an understanding of both team dynamics and leadership roles in the local worship matters bob kauflin.

Was it something else or some of both? Finally, it is strange to assert that musical diversity should be employed to demonstrate the unity of the church when, in practice, introducing pop music into the church has been divisive for many congregations. The book serves as a healthy reminder to those who would lead worship-musical or non musical, as to what is important and what should worship matters bob kauflin remembered, worshkp what can safely be discarded.